Induction Week

The first assignment I received on Induction Week briefed me and three others to visit Leeds city centre. The aim of our visit was to collect a series of images in relation to a list of words briefed to us on the day. We had 3 hours to complete the task. The group was solely responsible for how we interpreted the list and what we chose to capture, the only requirement was the medium, which in this case was our camera phones.

The assignment was a relaxed environment for the group to get better acquainted, and for others a useful opportunity to familiarize themselves with Leeds. For me the assignment was beneficial. After being out of education for a year and pursuing photography personally, it was enjoyable to work with others and communicate opinions and ideas as a group. As well as this it was refreshing challenge to produce a final collection of images to a time scale and also to work to criteria. The assignment was a useful opportunity to warm to requirements and skills that will become vital when working in Journalism.

Although there wasn’t many problems encountered, one complication we found was “honestly” asking peoples permission. As some of our requests may have seemed a little personal or strange, for example “Someone else’s tattoo” and with the approach we chose “old and new” which was an old lady with her grandchild in a push chair. The incident these insecurities stand out the most to me, was whilst we were all walking past a stereotype yorkshire skinhead, wide built and bad tattoo on full display. This guy was just what what I imagined when I first read the brief and seemed too good an opportunity to pass up. I politely explained myself and fortunately he was more than happy for me to take him and his tattoo’s photograph. The last trouble we encountered was uploading the photos from our phones, which took so long we were left with no time to edit our final images. This can only be blamed on my poor knowledge and experience with my phone and its camera. In contrast to this at first I was skeptical of the medium we were required to use, although it proved a good chance for me to become more familiar with my camera phone. I was shocked by the quality of image you can capture from my phone and was pleasantly surprised with a few of the images I took. Overall I was happy with a few images and contributed to our final set as well as the rest of the groups contribution. Although I feel our images could have been stronger as a whole if we had created time to edit. Lastly this educated me of the importance camera phones hold at capturing and communicating stories and events in the media that otherwise could not have been prepared for resulting in next to no coverage for the population.


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