Planning A Shoot

In this session we looked at the practicalities of planning a photo shoot, for example what gear to take, how to protect your equipment and your photographs. Our task was to plan kit for a trip to Sumatra.

My kit would consist of:

Camera Body:  Bags and a variety of cases are a good way to protect your camera from water, humidity, grit and dirt

Battery: Spare batteries and possibly a battery grip would be essential for your camera as power sources are not always available. As well as batteries for flashes and other equipment.

Storage: Plenty of memory cards to store your images and a hard plastic case to store them as your images are your income when working in the industry.

Lenses: A wide variety of Lenses plays a vital role at allowing you to capture your image as quickly as possible. Lens caps and Filters are a good way to protect your lenses and increase their life span.

Flashes: Flashes are extremely important for shooting in low light conditions, enabling you to capture images which may have been too dark to shoot in without. Flashes usually come with a small material bag to keep them safe.

Tripods, Light Stands: Useful for steadying your camera in low light situations and supporting flashes. A groundsheet is a valuable way to protect these and your other equipment form getting dirty or wet whilst working in the field.

Laptop: A Laptop would be good for uploading and editing images whilst working, and a good way to communicate.

Bag: A Lowe Pro bag would be a good way to transport and protect all your equipment as it has compartments for all the listed above and keeps them waterproof.

The skills learnt in this session are of importance every time you capture images. Organization, preparation and planning are the most important factors to a shoot and if you do them efficiently it can make your shoot a lot smoother and also help Prevent damage to your equipment. These skills are applicable to all aspects of photography but most importantly preparation for a a photographic career.


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