Foundation Project

 In this session we were briefed about the Foundation Project.  This assignment requires me and my team mates to contribute two sides of an A3 sheet towards a Zine based on the theme of architecture and decay, which we chose. The first side should be a combination of five of my own images representing our chosen theme and 500 words to accompany them. Where as the reverse side is about my hopes and fears and too is a combination of 500 words about my past, present and future and should include any previously taken images I am proud of.

Module outcomes being assessed:

Reflect on professionalism and personal development goals including self management, creativity, problem solving and action plans for continuing professional development.

Ability to work and communicate effectively both as an individual and team.

Present info professionally and clearly, in a variety of formats, using a range of info sources, types and appropriate I.T skills.

Deadline: Friday 14th October

Currently I have researched photographers relevant to our theme of architecture and decay which I have previously take a enthusiastic interest in the last few years. In addition to this I research Zines and magazines to inspire and educate my design, layout and content as this is not something I have produced before. Although I am familiar with the programs required to produce the Zine. As a group we mind mapped our chosen theme for idea’s which proved to be a quick and effective method, so I chose to use this technique for ideas for my “hope and fears” text.


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