Tweaking WordPress

Today we further expanded our current knowledge of Word Press. I found out about the uses for pages, posts, categories and widgets and how to incorporate them into my own blog.

Firstly the two methods of posting we covered were pages and posts. Pages are for fixed content and can have sub pages, and are paticularly functional for brochure style sites or fixed information for example contact details and CV’s. Where as posts are useful because they are easy to update and dynamic. As they can be arranged and viewed by date, category and by tag allowing them to be easily searched for. Posts are effective for Blogs, News, Diaries, Magazines and Zines. It is important to know the appropriate method of placing content because viewers are already familiar with particular formats/layouts and their uses. By using the wrong kind of method you can make navigating and searching your blog more difficult for viewers resulting in losing hits. Receiving hits is the sole intention of a blog and in later years losing them could possibly affect my income.

In addition to this we covered widgets which are navigational tools available for my side bar. Widgets can contain categories and links to other sites. I decided to add a widget with a drop down menu consisting of my modules which proved useful at making browsing my blog easier. In the future I plan to add a further widget linking to my FlickR when it is further established, as I think this would be a practical way to gain interest in my portfolio.


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