Intro To Exposure

 In this session we looked at the basics of exposure as a combination of aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Whilst considering the difference between technically and creatively correct exposure. Exposure is determined by the amount of light you allow your film or camera’s light sensor to be exposed to, this is mainly affected by aperture, shutter speed, ISO and sometimes by lens.

 Aperture significantly affects exposure as it dictates the size of the lens opening by using interlocking blades. F1.8 being fully open and F22 close to close depending on the lens. Although a low F stop creates a shallow depth of field where as a high F stop has a broad depth of field. This can be useful for drawing importance or significance to an area or subject in your image.

Shutter Speed also drastically affects exposure as it is the amount of time the film or sensor is exposed to light. A fast shutter speed is good for capturing motion in a crisp, focused manner where as a slow shutter is useful for recording or exaggerating movement.

Overall there are so many contributing factors to exposure that there is not a “correct exposure” but it is dependent on which factors you chose to prioritize or how you decide to convey your image.


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