Final week of Foundation Project

The majority of this week was spent completing the Foundation Project. Fortunately the week wasn’t too stressful as I had collected the Images I planned to use and had finished my written piece for the 1st page which conformed to our them of Architecture and Decay. So I mainly used my time to finish the written section about myself and experiment with different layouts, backgrounds and type faces.

For the 1st side I used images previously taken at a derelict power station near Castleford, this location seemed a perfect fit for our chosen themes. I hadn’t had a chance to use these images and thought they would collaborate well with a written piece, so I was keen to communicate my thoughts and tales about the place. After a long time spent toying with layouts I chose to dig out some old D.I.Y BMX magazines for inspiration which helped construct my idea.

The purpose of the 2nd side was to write about myself. My hopes, fears, past and present. I chose to use a photo I’v take and a photo of me, along side my write up. The intention of this was to help the tutors gather a greater insight into us, and I guess help us discover where we would like to head in the future and how we see ourselves at present. To get work it is important to convey yourself positively and clearly, so it was good preparation for future.

Overall I enjoyed creating the Zine, at first I was a little rusty with Illustrator but after a while I warmed to it by exploring . I found it incredibly satisfying my images having purpose, seeing them laid out with type. I have documented lots of similar locations but the images sit unseen on a hard drive. I believe this will drive me to continue to blog these locations with short write ups for viewers.


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