Optimising Images for Online use

This post was to communicate that i can efficiently and successfully resize and compress images suitable for use on the web. This image is of Thorpe Marsh power station in Castleford and was content in my Zine.


During this weeks session we looked at the appropriate uses for a variety of web image formats and their advantages and disadvantages. As well as optimising and embedding photo  and video.

I found this information incredibly useful as I was previously unaware of the uses for different formats and the contributing factors they have when used on the web. Most importantly I learned using the wrong kind of format can dramatically waste your bandwidth. As host’s charge for or limit bandwidth it is vital to be as diligent as possible without compromising image quality. Another way to cut down the bandwidth is to resize your images to the required size.

I am already able to embed photo and video but it was useful to go over again helping to refresh myself and further familiarise with Word Press. Regardless I found this session extremely valuable as In future years the correct use of these formats will be vital at reducing unnecessary costs, also when producing content for the web the correct knowledge and use of these will be expected of me. Now I know how to and resize images for the web i will continue to put the formats and knowledge I into practice when blogging.


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