Writing for the Web

Today we looked at the differences between producing text for print and the web, as well as how viewers consume text on the web and the best ways to target your writing at this audience.

According to survey 79 % of people always scan can a new page before actual reading the whole text, only 16% read word by word. Because users scan rather than read it is important to instantly grab the reader by using techniques such as bold snippets, straps, block quotes and call outs to avoid losing viewers. These techniques help to lure the audience into ‘reading’ the whole text.

Style also plays a vital role at maintaing users. Use simple descriptive headers to instantly inform users alongside short sentences and straightforward language to clearly communicate relevant info with out saturating the reader.

I myself am more than guilty of scanning online texts. Because the web is flooded with irrelevance it is important for me to quickly decide whether what I am reading is of worth. Therefore I fully understand the importance of quickly grabbing the audience by using the appropriate writing styles for web use. In addition I think this knowledge is particularly useful as Journalism is beginning to progress further toward digital media the industry will put more emphasis on writing for web audiences.


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