For this weeks task I was asked to provide two portrait images. One shot of some body I know and one somebody I don’t, these images must work to together as a set by similarities in the subject and or the visual style captured. I was also instructed to think about how I intended to communicate the subject and the visual clues I would use to do so.

My primary intentions for this assignment were to document the contrasts found between two sports generally found in the skatepark. The first subject is my friend Harley who rides BMX. The second is a stranger who rides a Scooter, I specifically chose a Scooter rider as the sport is currently a taboo subject amongst the other sports at skateparks worldwide. This is because BMX and Skateboarding have been established for many years now and are populated by people of all ages and backgrounds. Regardless of current fashions these cultures never completely die out. In contrast to this Scooters are reasonably modern and often looked upon as a fad.  This is supported by the fact it is mainly populated by children and teenagers who seem to have little care and knowledge of skateparks, leaving spots over crowded and unrideable. Due to this I thought it would be interesting to try and communicate the stereotypes, similarities and contrasts to see if they told the same story told at skateparks globally. The visual clues in this case are self explanatory as the subject will be stood with what they’re riding.

Here is the first image which is of my friend Harley. My intentions for this image were to try communicate how relaxed and comfortable he is in his surroundings and I think I successfully captured this here. Harley is calmly waiting between runs for his next chance to drop in. Which I think is reflected by his relaxed body language and posture. As well as this he has his music in ear, which In contrast I think resembles the fact he’s there to ride not socialize. This possibly tells the viewer he takes the sport seriously, which in contrast to his body language is shown by his facial expression.

Over all I think the Image works well at portraying the characteristics and stereotypes I intended. I believe this was  achieved by photographing the subject whilst engrossed in an activity rather than posed, which I think sometimes appears false and empty.










Here is my second image showing an unknown ‘Scooter Kid’. For this image my intentions were to try and communicate the stereotypes and generalizations I spoke of earlier. Although I think a few of them can be found in this image, I believe this may also be because I was a stranger to him and it was a ‘staged’ photo. Regardless I think he appears uncomfortable and out of place, similarly to the stereotypes. I think this is supported in his rigid uncomfortable looking body language. In addition to this I believe his safety pads play a role as visual clues telling us maybe he hasn’t been riding long and is insecure about his abilities.

As a whole I think this image successfully  portrays the stereotypes and expectations I earlier intended for my image. In contrast to my first subject the subject here appears uneasy in his surroundings. Also contrasting to my first image the subjects body language here looks uncomfortable also referring to my earlier intentions.

In conclusion I think these two images work well as a set of images in the way they compare the similarities and differences found under one roof. In this case quite a ‘niche’ environment.



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