Critical Thinking


For this task I have chosen to use two sources of information regarding ‘The worldwide Great Depression’ of the 1930’s. The first source I have chosen to use is a web article called ‘Having Fun during the Depression’, the intentions of this are to inform and educate how despite the effects of The Great Depression people still retained the rights to have fun in the hope of masking their hardships. The second source I chose to compare and contrast with is a NY Times article ‘A Short History of the Great Depression’ it is also an informative piece, this time communicating the history of the Great Depression detailing effects and events during this time. My reasoning for these two sources was because of the extreme contrasts in the way they articulate the same time period.

‘Having Fun during the Depression’ seeks to explain the positive situations and relationships that were established in communities during the economic down fall. These light hearted ideologies are told in a soft tone that helps us the reader further empathise with the people of the time. Further connections with these people are introduced in the form of eye witness accounts and video interviews which helps us continue to build a personal connection with the sources of data. In addition to this images are used throughout in order to establish what the article intends to say.

In contrast ‘A Short History of the Great Depression’ takes the opposite role at outlining the array of negative effects caused by the economic down turn. A more common route taken at explaining the out comes of the ‘Depression’. This information is mainly communicated by facts and figures and takes a duller approach at the subject. It explains in a way that informs the reader of the dark facts and dire situations of the people involved and the reasons why it all happened. To support the dire consequences it qualifies the events and outcomes of the economic downfall by introducing the politicians involved in the era pointing out Herbert Hoover as a scoundrel and leading you to believe that he allowed the depression to happen.On the other hand it paints Franklin Roosevelt as a great hope in reversing the situation and creating an end to the social crisis.

By using direct facts and details the descriptions bring to the reader the events and seriousness of the situation but goes on to explain how the solution was arrived at and how America came out of the depression with certain reservation about the processes used. Towards the end of the passage the darkness of the initial paragraphs lifts as the depression ends but the positivity is darkened again by the out break of war.

Overall I think the first piece works well at presenting an otherwise stereotype miserable event in an alternate method to make light of the situation. Whereas the second piece presents the information in the expected light, embracing the negative effects which I believe are relied upon to create a story that will relay the facts.





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