Report Writing

In order to create my presentation, I must first think about the information I need in order to construct it. In my case this information must all be relevant to my chosen decade of the 1930’s. This information can be composed of Politics, Lifestyle, Culture, Fashion, World Affairs, Technology, Music, Film, Art, Art Movements, Photographers and Images. In addition to this I must collect information regarding an artist and photographer from the decade. I need to look further into depth at their works. Did events of the decade influence their work and what other practitioners inspired them?

To find the information I require, I am going to need to make use of a variety of sources and mediums. These sources could include books, archives, moving image, journals and articles on the Web. The advantage to using a variety of these sources is that you can compare a range of facts, information and data to ensure their authenticity. To present I have used Leeds Central Library and the two Leeds Met libraries in order to discover information on photographers, artist and art movements of my chosen decade. In addition to this the library of online Journals provided by Leeds Met has also proved to be a valuable source of information.

An important question I need to ask myself is ‘How much information do I need’ ? Ideally I think I need to gather enough information to be able to gain a broad enough knowledge of the decade to enable myself to communicate, understand and support the influences, inspirations and working times of the photographers and artists I have chosen to represent. In contrast to this I think it is important to realise the quantity of information I actually need. As I am producing a ten minute presentation with this information, the text will also be accompanied by moving image, sound and photo’s. Because of this I need to be careful not to over saturate the presentation with information and maintain a healthy ratio between the mediums.

In order to dissect the relevant information from the research I have collected. I must first search and scrutinize through the variety of sources I have gathered, outlining and referencing the information I feel applicable to my presentation. Personally I think the easiest way for me to perform this task, would be to to arrange the relevant information in different word documents according to the reference. This way I will always be certain of the source and information will be easily accessible and transferable whilst creating my presentation.

The arrangement of this information will run fluidly. Starting with the presentation of significant information to substantially educate the viewer about the decade. Once this state is established, I plan to ask questions, compare and contrast the information. I hope to do this in such a manner that it allows me to finish the presentation with an evaluation heading toward a conclusion.






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