News Assignment

This weeks assignment required me again to produce two images covering a news event. One of the image will be shot to describe what’s happening and one thats sums up my experience of the event.

For this assignment I was lucky enough to spontaneously catch a glimpse of a Mill Fire mid blaze whilst commuting through Leeds. As you can see the fire was quite large and in my opinion could have been an attempt for an insurance payout, due to the harsh economic state of the recession.














This is the the image I chose to use as my overall shot. Police and fireguards made life very difficult at getting a close shot to document the fire. I escaped them and the crowds by searching for an alternate entrance. Which in this case provided the perfect opportunity for my overall shot. I chose this image as the other shots were primarily populated by police and on lookers, which I felt detracted the viewers attention from the intended subject. Wheres because this image is sparsely populated I believe the focus seems solely on the subject.

Here is the photo I chose to sum up my experiences of the event. In this scenario the police. I decided on this image as I felt it worked well at communicating the difficulties met the police on the night. As you can see in the foreground the policeman is stood proud as he keeps the street closed of the public, which he continued do so whilst telling me I couldn’t photograph the event. The street light above provided convenient lighting at putting emphasis on the policeman, whilst the firefighters in the background perform the hard task of a battling the blaze. My reasoning for choosing this image was because tit displays my personal experience of the night in conjunction with the happenings of the event.





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