Reflective Thinking

Initially using search engines to gather a broad range of information about the different decades of the 19th and 20th Century. I collected research to aid me at deciding on the significant era on which I would base my presentation. By doing this I was able to outline and analyse results the search engines provided me with to gain a greater insight in to the world events and happenings of these time periods. The data I gathered inspired me to choose the 1930’s as the subject of my piece, I was influenced by the social events of this period and was intrigued to find whether they played a role in the works produced by my chosen Artist and Photographer.

After earlier research lead me to my chosen decade, I decided to further research it aside artists and photographers of the time using alternative sources to the internet. I chose this method as the internet is a a fast and convenient way of gaining knowledge although the legitimacy of the origin is often uncertain. Due to this I further pursued my researched using the University Journal Archives, Libraries and Video Texts. Which I found extremely beneficial at further confirming the legitimacy of information I’d found.

The sources I found particularly useful were Libraries and the Journal Archives. To specifically find artist and photographers of the decade I was researching, I used books specifically highlighting iconic practitioners of the relevant Centurys. Two books which particularly helped me decide on my photographer were ‘Icons Of Photography, The 19th Century’ and Icons Of Photography, The 20th Century’.

In further affiliation to this, I found the Journal Archives extremely useful. To present I had never used Journals for referencing before and I was unsure of the benefits of using them. After learning to search the archives for relevant Journals, I found that it provides many useful sources for contrasting and comparing opinions and ideas. For example, firstly I found a report by New York Federal Reserve about the effects and ways they planned to fix the economic state. In contrast I found A Journal regarding the effects the economic downfall had on Massachusetts crime, drunkenness and delinquency. The beauty I found in using Journals is that you can search a specific time span to find articles from authors of that particular time.

In evaluation to these new research techniques I have developed. I think I will continue to pursue this form of work flow and continue to expand upon it, In the hope that I can construct a method of researching that works well personally for me. Like wise I have found a new variety of mediums to research in. Which although are not as convenient as the internet, provided more trustworthy information. I have taken from this that using all these sources in conjunction with each other helps me benefit from all of their individual attributes, resulting in a more thorough research technique. Further resulting in greater returns.



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