Photo Story Research




1.the condition or quality of being pure;  freedom from anything that debases, contaminates, pollutes, etc.: the purity of drinking water.

2.freedom from any admixture or modifying addition.
3.ceremonial or ritual cleanness.
4.freedom from guilt or evil; innocence.

5.physical chastity; virginity.
 After some thinking I thought it would be interesting to shoot my photo story on ‘BMX Trails’. Although purity isn’t the first word that comes to peoples minds who are uneducated about the subject, I think this assignment is a good opportunity to prove to them otherwise.
 “Freedom from any admixture or modifying addition” I believe this particular definition is extremely fitting with what I desire to communicate through my narrative. A lot of riders have become lazy and are content riding council provided skateparks where creativity lacks. Street riding and BMX as a whole are now seen as fashionable or cool in society which never used to be the case. A minority of ‘original’ riders began jumping their bikes out of home made ramp set ups, where there were no limitations besides your imagination.  For some this progressed on to trail building which in my eyes is the purest form of  BMX. A lot of people in society will understand the concept of jumping bikes out of piles of mud, but wont be able to imagine the extremes it has progressed to for some. If the above statement accurately defines purity, then what is purer than creating a paradise you can call your own by cutting out the middle man and building what you desire to ride.
(A short article/rant about the current state of trails in BMX)

I like the distorted colours in this image,  I think this was achieved by green tints used over the flash guns but I would be interested to see if I can replicate this by photo editing.

As trail builders like to keep their trails secret its very hard to find photo research just of trails or people digging etc. Because of this the only real signs in the images are the trails,riders and their bikes. Although there  are plenty of images of people riding the trails. Due to this I think it would be interesting to try and communicate the building/maintenance side of trails as well as riding.

I like this black and white photo and think it works well at establishing the setting. Although this setting is not very rural I think the location of our trails will make a nice scenic establishing shot.

Black and white images seem to work really well with the woodland locations of trails. The trails are nicely exposed whilst the contrasting white sky is effective at framing and making the rider visible.

I really like the colours in particular in this image. The slightly desaturated/washed out colours work really well with the jumps and greenery. Judging by the colours and shape of the image I think it was shot on film, although I would like to try and recreate this effect in photoshop  with my some of my images from the trails.

The warmth of this image works really well with the trails, the trees against the slightly blown out sky.

Again I think black and white works really with the contrasting woodland and sky. I feel the slightly blown out highlights in this case create a more interesting image and draw the eye to the rider. Also the distortion from the fish eye lens looks attractive with the tress.


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